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We are on a new journey of growth with a strong commitment to provide technological integrated support and services to clients. We proudly take the opportunity to develop world class solutions in the field of technology, contact center services, SEO services, HR services, business process services and such more and serve clients worldwide.

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I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of services offered by PCS Group is simply premium and outstanding in every term. Since our first contact that happened few years back to till date, the company has maintained the quality and improved itself continuously. Each offered service is beyond reproach and every consultant is prompt, polite and reliable.

Mr. Udit Mittal, Unison International Consulting Pvt. Ltd

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Our “Professional Services Practice Center” (PSPC) is the hub of companies which includes both outsourced as well as internally operated contact centres.


Right from search engine optimization to inbound marketing strategies, PCS Group offers every possible solution to make your web presence as high as possible.


PCS Group with its deep knowledge and broad service capabilities help managing the customer related business process and assesses the services effectively and profitably.


PCS group provides a full range of services with updated technology while ensuring the ease and response of clients.


HR team understands that at workplace employees look for extra dimension which could inspire them to grow professionally as well as personally.


PCS Group, with its beneficiary experience in the call center market which has moved to next generation customer interaction management center, has come up with new technological solutions.

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One step ahead Thinking

The expertise of PCS Group helps to design business models of our clients and customers embracing the future of their work and preparing them for what lies ahead.

Amid increasing global competition, peer pressure and customer’s expectation, companies need to revamp every now and then in order to keep pace with rapidly growing competition. Overlooking one step can alter the outcome in many ways. Being responsive and flexible are two most demanding aspects of today’s business. In simple terms we are capable of transforming a business by enhancing productivity and increasing revenue. We take pride in our consultants who take complete care of consulting services with their sound knowledge on diverse topics.

Consultants Capabilities

We have a proud history of more than decades working with leading global enterprises. The consultants have helped clients and customers in revamping their business strategies and processes and subsequently increasing the performance and value of the company. The consultants have knowledge on various domains and their years long experience help them making right decision with their cross industry skills. Our team works on a global scale and the implementation of smart strategies payoff especially in the time of economical instability.

The team is well versed at understanding business at large and it ensures at every step it follows the loop of business model, organizational model and customer model.