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Cancellation and Refund Policy

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Cancellation Policy

Adhering to its rule of providing the best class services, PCS Group is equally focused in resolving each and every issue of its customers. However, the clients needed to be more aware of the terms, conditions and specifications of cancellation policy of specific category while making requests.

To make the cancellation request, customers needed to follow few easy steps. Keeping in mind customer’s convenience, PCS Group has given many options to its customers such as fax, direct mail, email and telephone with the help of which customers can make the requests without any hassle. After making the cancellation requests, the customers would be given a confirmation number by the company which is a validation about the authentication of cancellation request made. An email sent by the company as the verification would also be acceptable.

Generally, a prior notice of 30 days is required for any cancellation. In this duration, the company would make sure that the accounts have been disconnected effectively in the given time. To avoid any unfavorable circumstances, all billing issues have also been resolved. Even cancellation of the account has also been done by the company. Just inform the company and get it done within given duration of time.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of PCS Group is somewhat different from the services it provides. The customers are needed to check the respective refund policies and gain some knowledge about it. The refund policy differs from one service to another and checking it would be an added advantage. The company does not undertake any guarantee for the refund of specific services.

PCS Group has a strategic alliance with global leaders and considering its agreements and policies, the company reaches to a decision. However, the company clearly mentions that it does not offer any refund on transaction charges, funds made on the search engines, delivered services and other miscellaneous charges.

The company offers hosting services to its customers on the monthly basis and made no refunds on the extra provided services such as set up fees and expenditures, IP addresses, disk fees and bandwidth or the closed account for violating terms and conditions.