PCS Group – Case Studies: Delivering Premium Service to Our Clients

Case Studies: Delivering Premium Service to Our Clients

Home Case Studies: Delivering Premium Service to Our Clients
PCS Group works extensively with clients belonging to different geographical locations as well as different industries and has achieved long lasting and substantial results with improved and visible performance taking the help of proved strategies, transformations, integrations.

The company has been serving its clients in many ways. To facilitate its clients, the company has provided following services to them:-

ConnectAndSell Inc. — This is a US based company which is pioneer in conversation enablement technology that has revolutionized B2B marketing. PCS Group provides contact center services to this company and helped establishing professional business practices.

For more information visit here http://www.connectandsell.com/

RightSpotMedia Inc.—A Canada based company which is committed to provide tools along with expertise to grow the traffic, conversion and revenue of websites with combined technology, infrastructure and expertise with data-driven process. The company has built a strong reputation in the market wherein the contact center services of PCS Group has a prominent role to play.

For more information, visit here http://rightspotmedia.com/

EuroConnect Inc. – Another US based company which offers services to business and carrier customers. It offers wide range of services including services for home use to the services that can be used on the road. All in one, it offers services that fit to its customer’s needs. Already a hit in U.S. market, this company has marked its presence felt in different parts of world. With the help of skilled contact center service teams, PCS Group has helped it broadening its horizon across the globe effectively and efficiently.

For more information, please visit- http://www.ecvoice.com/

Vocal – This is an Australia based company which is a low cost telephone Service Company as well as Internet Service Provider which has been providing tailored solutions to both the business and home market across the world over past 10 years. To provide outstanding services, Vocal is partnered with leading software vendors, including Microsoft and Symantec. PCS Group has provided contact center services to this company in order to establish its leadership in its domain.

For more information, please visit http://www.vocal.com.au/

VoIP Call Switch– Another Australian based company which helps companies running a ‘Do Not Call’ complaint business. With its most advanced software, the company makes sure that even by mistake no one makes a call to a Do Not Call number. The company has extensive experience in setting up systems in simple manual dialing centers to full auto dialer integration. PCS Group manages its contact center services and helps it growing professionally.

For more information, please visit, http://www.voipcallswitch.com.au/

KellerWilliams Inc.– Greening the home not only builds lasting value, but it cements a life worth living for future generations. Following the mentioned vision, Keller Williams Realty has successfully made its mark among one of the fastest growing real estate companies in North America that is committed to provide a better future, which is more than a collection of concrete, wood and steel. PCS Group is associated with this company as authorized reality agent and helped it achieving set milestones within expected time.

To know more about it, please visit http://www.kw.com/

VPromise Technology LLC : – After serving the U.S. clients belonging to different parts of country with its SEO services, VPromise established its business to mark the leadership recently in India. PCS Group manages infrastructure services for this company by providing each and everything required for the business to nurture.

To know more about it, please visit http://www.vpromise.com/

TRISUNG- This company provides online technical support to resolve all computer, laptop, PC related software as well as hardware related issues. The round the clock and prompt services have made this company most sought among its customers. PCS Group proudly and potentially manages the infrastructure services of this company by providing basic as well as opulent services.

Go here for more information http://www.trisung.com/

Google Trackers :- It provides some of the best search engine optimization services. The experts keep an eye on all the latest changes in this field to ensure that its clients are getting up-to-date services. The implementation of right strategies at right time has made it a known name in internet marketing industry. With its well-built infrastructure, which has been managed by PCS Group, Google Trackers serve its clients in finest manner.

For more information, Please visit http://www.googletrackers.com/

MajesTECH LLC :- MajesTECH Technical Services LLC is a leading provider of online subscription based technical support services offered directly to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. It delivers on demand support services to hundreds of thousands of subscribers globally. To keep it updated with its services, PCS Group lends an array of technology solution services which ranges from minor to major.

More information can be seen on http://www.majestechsupport.com/

NEXUSBPO :- Nexus BPO delivers a full range of BPO services and support to deliver these services in the way that best meets customer needs. The strategically designed services help clients expanding their market share, acquiring more customers and subsequently increasing sales with its enhanced customer services. To make it work more efficiently, PCS Group provides a complete set of technological solution services to the company.

For more information, visit here http://www.nexusbpo.com/

MANSA SYSTEMS LLC :- This is a United States based company which offers various services such as sales, marketing and support and has worked with leading names belonging to different industries. PCS group proudly and productively delivers technological solution services to this company and help building thriving competently.

Click here for more information http://www.mansasys.com/

V2Serve :- V2SERVE is a leading company in the field of computer technology and support. The company is having a team of highly skilled technicians who are determined and capable of providing best solutions and the services needed in this highly competitive world. The company is having a backup of technological solution services provided by PCS Group which has helped it growing proficiently within expected timeframe.

More details can be found on http://www.v2serve.com/

LearningLeads- LearningLeads is a company delivering effective business solutions to its clients. It is basically into the domains of turn-key business research and reporting and business consulting. In simpler terms, it provides a complete range of services by leveraging its domain and business networking expertise and through strategic alliances with stakeholders. For technological solution services, the company completely relies upon proven PCS Group.

For more information, visit here http://www.learningleads.in/

ASHRO TECHNOLOGIESASHRO is an online marketing and technology company offering instant and suitable solutions for clients across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. It has an excellent and round the clock online tech support team comprising of experienced professionals who are committed to deliver the most appropriate solutions to fix all computer related issues. PCS Group provides technological solution services to this company and helps it emerging technologically more sound.

For more information, visit here http://www.ashrotech.com/

UNISON INTERNATIONAL- This is a known name in the domain of career counseling, recruitment services and such more. It offers recruitment services in a variety of business domains like retail, information technology, education, consumer durables, consulting and advisory and FMCG. PCS Group does SEO for this company and provides SEO internet marketing services to it and helps it getting recognized online.

For more information, please visit http://unisoninternational.net/

KASHISH DEVELOPERS- Nurtured over the years with hard work, dedication & determination, Kashish Developers Ltd has been a real estate pioneer in the State of Jharkhand and is widely credited with the change in the skylines. To make it more recognized globally, PCS group optimize this company’s website and make it rank in the top searches of Google with its SEO techniques.

For more information, please visit http://www.kashishgroup.com

LOCUS CONSULTANTSThis company is incorporated with the aim of providing most suited professionals, by deeply understanding the requirement of its clients across any possible functional area. With the help of first rate professionals and SEO internet marketing services provided by PCS Group, the company has made its mark globally.

For more information, please visit http://locusconsultants.com/

WIKIPEERS :It is a lifestyle and fashion publication for all ages. It works with a motto to share knowledge with peers and help them do things right. The editorial and development team ensures that the contents are meeting highest as well as set standards. To help its becoming known, PCS Group provides SEO internet marketing services to it. In very short span of time, it has become a known platform.

For more information, please visit http://www.wikipeers.com/

GJhub :This is an online website which basically deals in jewellery and offers range of unique gold, silver, and diamonds products and gifts. This company has been associated with PCS Group for optimizations. The SEO team suggests relevant keywords to make it rank as high as possible in search engine result.

For more information, please visit http://www.gjhub.com/

FORTE INFRATECH :- Forte Infratech is managed by qualified technical and commercial personnel having long working experience in the field of project marketing, engineering, project management & execution. It offers range of equipment, instruments and services by some of the world renowned manufacturers having experience of over several decades and a world-wide reputation. PCS Group provides HR services to this company and helped it in managing and defining the policies better.

For more information, please visit, http://www.forteinfratech.com/

KASHISH DEVELOPERS :- With the help of skilled team members, Kashish Developers are committed to enhance customer’s satisfaction in order to accomplish real estate developments through the employment of experienced staff and specialist contractors to achieve quality excellence consistent with all applicable codes and standards. Quality check points are installed at every level to ensure the best product. PCS Group helps this company managing manpower, defining and redefining policies and such more things to make it a powerful organization.

For more information, please visit http://www.kashishgroup.com/

BRIGHT POINT :- This company is now known as INGRAM MICRO which works with an aim to deliver technology to the world. It measurably contributes to the growth and profitability of customers – both vendors and resellers – in a manner that is difficult to replicate or substitute. Understanding the ongoing trend, PCS Group offers various HR services while keeping things simple and better. It includes the activities which are in tune with the needs and requirements of employees as well as clients.

For more information, please visit http://www.brightpoint.com/

NATIONAL IT SERVICES :- National IT Services is one of the leading IT Service providers for SME organization. NIT deals in all Telecom and IT Solution. PCS Group keeps a check on the ongoing requirements as well as trends regarding HR services and provides updated services. To provide apt services, the team does detailed study and offers latest services in every term.

For more information, please visit http://www.itforsme.in/

DENAVE :- Denave is India’s largest technology powered sales enabling services company that helps global corporations achieve their business objective. With its time-tested and proven strategies, Denave assisted by its highly motivated workforce, cutting edge technology and processes, works with clients to make their businesses competitive in their markets. To make it excel in the industry, PCS Group with its deep knowledge and wide assessment capabilities helps the company assessing and maintaining quality being provided by them. PCS GROUP Business Process Assessment Services not only assess rather shows the way of improvement too.

For more improvement, please visit http://www.denave.com/

PEOPLE INFOSOFT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. :- PISPL, a premier BPO for mission critical services is a wholly owned subsidiary of a US based company housed at Chicago, USA. The primary line of business is remote personal security and related Information Technology. With cutting edge technology as the backbone of our operations, this is a successful innovator of leading products and services and has spearheaded revolutionary concepts in the remote personal security arena. PCS Group assesses the quality of its services and provides feedback considering various grounds. It helps the company improving itself on the lacking points which has emerged as a well known name in India too.

For more information, please visit http://www.peopleinfosoft.com/

TRINET SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. :– This company aspires to become a significant player in customer contact space in terms of acquisition, service, retention, loyalty, analytics etc. by being a responsive partner that provides customized and best in class quality services at reasonable cost. To check for quality, the company relies upon PCS Group that evaluates its services and provides feedback to it.

For more information, please check http://www.trinet.co.in

PEOPLEGUARD : – PeopleGuard provides its clients the state of the art solutions for their personal and corporate security needs. The company works with a goal to provide security effortless for the clients with an understanding that personal and business security has become more important now than ever before. Assessment of the provided services is another prominent part of business and for this PCS Group provides the business process assessment services and helps it by providing feedback.

For more information please visit http://www.peopleguard.com/

NATIONAL IT SERVICES :- PCS Group provides assessment services to this one of the leading IT Service providers for SME organization which deals in telecom and IT Solution. The tried and tested methods with proven strategies are being applied by business process assessment services team of PCS Group while assessing the services along with providing the future prospects.

For more information, please visit, http://www.itforsme.in/