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Before making any deal or decision, it is always suggested for the clients to check the terms and conditions. The nod to given terms and conditions has been considered as an acceptance to the mentioned services offered by the company. The accept-er of given specifications is further bounded with the terms and technicalities related to the website. Following are stated few terms and conditions which are needed to be emphasized before any acceptance.

Common Terms: Since you are agreeing to use the website, you are not supposed to use the website in any means which could be illegal or prohibited by the company. However, the company is allowed to forbid the use of website, when found damaged, overburdened, impaired or disabled site related to PCS Group. Going by the terms, you should not have any unauthorized access to a website or user account or computer network and should not be found in hacking procedures. However, the company is not liable for any kind of damage that is being created to the user’s system. The company also does not take any responsibility of the loss of data in the process of downloading content or information from the website.

The company takes the complete right to make any changes or discard any material from the website at any time including the features as well as contents. The right to make changes in the terms and conditions also depends on PCS Group.

Content Policies: The company takes the copyright of contents published on the website and copying or imitation or republishing or any form of transmission of data is not allowed without prior notice or company’s consent. Unauthorized use of data available on the website could lead to copyright, legal and trademark violations.

Privacy Policies: Your privacy is our priority and we assure that the data submitted by you would not be shared to any third party organization. Be updated with the company’s privacy policy by checking it regularly.

Legal Terms: This agreement is in accordance with the Indian government laws and by agreeing to it you have agreed to the private jurisprudence of the law court.