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Every company has its own terms and conditions and so does PCS Group. The company is in legal agreement with its customers and there are few terms and conditions which customers should keep in mind before using the website. Your agreement to the company’s policies and accessing, use or browsing of the website would be considered as the one who has accepted the terms of use after having an understanding of it. By agreeing to it, you will also be agreed to the clauses and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the company. However, if the conditions are not found favorable, entering into agreement is not recommendable.

PCS Group takes the right of modification or revision of the Terms of Use or any other information without any prior notice. The company can also make improvements or alterations in the services and programs offered without informing.

General Terms: Acknowledging the general terms, this website and the contents displayed in it, is not copied, republished, imitated, uploaded or transmitted. The company also takes the right to grant non transferable, non exclusive and limited access for using specific divisions of the website.

The failure to act in accordance with the agreements, terms and conditions, notices would result in self termination of the rights given to the customers. The company is accountable to make the decision of instant termination and destruction of downloaded data without any prior notice. Apart from limited permission clauses, PCS Group does not give any right such as:

  • License
  • Copyrights
  • Proprietary property rights
  • Intellectual property rights

Disclaimers: The information provided in the website is not guaranteed to be foolproof accurate as there could be technical inappropriateness as well as typos. Also, the company does not take for granted any responsibility for any of the information displayed.

Indemnification Claims: This claim states that the clients agree after understanding that they are responsible for their behavior and support PCS Group as well as subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, licencors, business partners, joint ventures, employees, agents or third parts information providers.

Warranty Disclaimer: PCS Group has the complete right to amend and revise the policy disclaimers at any time without prior notice. Also, there is no guarantee and warranty against non infringement or merchant-ability and the use of website after changes made implies that customers are agreed to the made changes.

Liability Limitation: PCS Group is not responsible for any damage in terms of using the services, website or content.